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Claire Heminsley
Designer- maker- artist- illustrator

A little bit about what makes me tick!

Drawing is at the centre of all my work; I don’t work with any specific technique as I prefer to work with a variety of media to express my ideas and concerns in the most appropriate way. Although it is not always obvious a narrative is always there, this is as a consequence of being curious about people, their stories and the connections we all have.

When other people have described my work they say it is to do with; Line~ whether stitched, cut, drawn or written; Layers; gentle humour.

When I have to describe how I work I would say:- Loves people and their stories; pays attention to detail; is an organiser; enjoys the challenges of the clients brief; watching students develop their talent.

Currently I am working towards a solo exhibition called ‘Objects of Celebration’. Which is taking place in November 2017 at The Studio Pavilion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow. To keep up with news and progress you can sign up to my Newsletter here. Alternatively my Blog will also have updates.

Some of my past experience

INCAHOOTS was set up in 1986, , in June 2017 I celebrated 30 years of being Incahoots with myself!
Clients include:- The Glasshouse hotel, Edinburgh; Woodmansterne Publications Ltd;
Gleneagles health spa, Gleneagles; House for an art lover Glasgow; Church of Scotland; British Airways; Royal Society of Architects Scotland; BBC Scotland

Off the Rails Arthouse. I am the Chair of the steering group responsible for the development of a Community Art space on Platform 2 at Ladybank Station. In this space we run classes, workshopsand masterclasses. It is also a gallery space and the venue for ‘Platform’ a bi monthly poetry and writing group. LINK: Art house at Ladybank Station

Letham nights ‘The best small gigs in the world’…another bit of organising. This time it is all about music, dancing, providing a top notch bar called ‘The Clap and Tipple’ and meeting brilliant, talented people from near and far. LINK:letham nights

Some of the awards I have received, and a few publications that have featured my work.

  1. Awards received: Scottish Arts Council Creative Development Awards in 2008, 2002 and 1995
  2. Fife Council Small grants for makers in Fife in 2008, 2010 and 2016
  3. A few Publications
  4. Scotland on Sunday-Featured artist 2014
  5. Rachel Hazell e book launched autumn 2013
  6. ‘Embroidery’ magazine article 2008
  7. ‘Cycling up the hill with my Dadv’ exhibition catalogue 2007
  8. ‘selvedge’ magazine - small feature 2007
  9. Scotland on Sunday - article 2007
  10. ‘fibreart’ magazine article 2006
  11. ‘Sense of Identity’ Itami, Japan. Exhibition catalogue

Education and work experience

  • Glasgow School of Art:- BA Hons in Embroidered & woven textiles 1982 followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in 1983
  • Set up INCAHOOTS in 1986.
  • Since 1985 I have taught Design, textiles and illustration on a part time basis at The Glasgow School of Art, Cumbria College of Art and other colleges as a visiting lecturer. Currently I teach at Dundee College.
  • Alongside this I also teach one and two day workshops throughout Scotland. This has been for staff development, specialist textile groups and the community arts sector.

Some other bits and pieces!

  • Based near Letham, Fife, Scotland
  • Things I love:- Being with people; being on my own; champagne; dancing; cooking; eating with friends; drawing; homemade raspberry jam; Cornwall; reading; teaching; cycling; my family; graphics; packaging; travelling and being at home.
  • I have started a Blog so you can keep up with what I’m up to. Click Here to access my Blog


Here are some short films that my husband Roy has made featuring gorgeous wee mice that were made by Deirdre Nelson. He started to make these wee films one Sunday afternoon with our new camera. I love them.

You Tube: A wee moose does a magic trick
You Tube: A wwee moose on burns night
You Tube: A Wee Moose Has A Dream
You Tube: Advertising Wee Meece Style
You Tube: A Wee Moose Finds Celebrity 2nd edition